SEC Reveals Results of Local Election in Tetovo, Mavrovo-Rostuse, Centar Zupa

The State Electoral Commission (SEC) published on Saturday evening the preliminary results of the local elections held in the municipalities of Centar Zupa and Mavrovo-Rostuse for new mayor and in the Municipality of Tetovo for new municipal council. In Centar Zupa, where 3,340 citizens out of the 3,395 registered with right to vote cast their votes for the only candidate, Arijan Ibraim from DPTM, who only needed the necessary census to be elected. Back during the local election in 2021, Centar Zupa did not elect a mayor because the census necessary for validation of the election was not reached in two attempts. In Mavrovo-Rostuse, candidate of SDSM Medat Kurtovski won the election with 3,266 votes over the candidate of VMRO-DPMNE Mevmed Xhaferi who won 1,935 votes, while 195 ballots were declared void. In the Municipality of Tetovo, Besa won the majority of the votes which brought them 12 seats in the municipal council, followed by DUI with 11 seats, VMRO-DPMNE with 4, SDSM with 2 and Alterantiva and DPA with one each, while the other parties and lists did not manage to win a single seat. SEC President Aleksandear Dastevski informed that the candidates have it until Monday at 07:00 p.m. to file appeals over the results. “We had peaceful election day in all three municipalities, without any major irregularities or incidents, except a minor technical fault in Tetovo, where at some polling stations the informative materials and the lists of candidates were presented only in Albanian language, which is why we intervened and asked them to put out the materials in Macedonian language too,” Dastevski said.