Sekerinska Meets Admiral Burke in Naples

We see NATO membership not only as a privilege but also as a responsibility and an opportunity to contribute to world peace and security in the region. And that is why we are proud of our participation in the KFOR mission in Kosovo, because as such the region best feels the contributions of our country’s membership in NATO, and NATO has an ally whose constructive policy has long been recognized in the region and beyond,” said Minister Radmila Sekerinska at a meeting in Naples with the Commander of the Allied Command NATO, Admiral Robert Burke. The conversation also focused on the situation in the world, with reference to Afghanistan, and the situation in the region where North Macedonia as a NATO member directly contributes to peace and stability, for which it received positive assessments from the Alliance. Sekerinska was greeted at the NATO base with a special cordon welcoming her presence at the headquarters of one of the Alliance’s most important commands.