Sela: Zaev Should Complete Mandate or Call Early Elections

A transitional government that would have a one-year mandate and whose priority will be the fight against the eradication of crime and holding early parliamentary elections in October next year is the request of the leader of the Alliance for Albanians Zijadin Sela. He said that this Government has no legitimacy for several reasons, including the fact that they won the elections with DUI with the promise that there will be an Albanian Prime Minister, and now for the second time they are voting for a Macedonian Prime Minister. “All three actors that are inside the Government, those main actors have no legitimacy. Kovacevski has no legitimacy because the one who won the elections was Zaev and not for Kovacevski to be a prime minister to form a government. Afrim Gashi and Alternative have no legitimacy because they acted at the elections to bring changes to the Albanian society and to send DUI in opposition and not to keep them in power,” said Sela.