Serbian President Vucic, Albanian PM Rama Arrive in Skopje

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Albanian PM Edi Rama arrived on Wednesday evening in Skopje, in order to attend on Thursday a meeting with PM Zoran Zaev in scope of the “Mini-Schengen” Initiative between their respective countries. Upon their arrival, Vucic and Rama were welcomed by PM Zaev and Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov, who also gave them a small tour around the centre of Skopje. “We had a little stroll and spoke to some of the citizens. The Balkans are our mutual home, and in that home, we support each other. We look forward to cooperation, economic growth and numerous other benefits for our people,” PM Zaev wrote on Facebook. Before coming to Skopje, Serbian President Vucic said that this visit of his to Skopje is of great importance. “We are about to sign very important international agreements which will significantly improve the cooperation between our countries. We want to establish conditions for easier cooperation between the companies and the people from our countries. This initiative will bring us closer and will provide support for faster growth,” Vucic said.