Session for No-confidence Vote Scheduled for Thursday

Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi has scheduled the session for the no-confidence vote for Thursday at 11 PM. On Monday, the opposition submitted to Parliament the list of 61 MP signatures. VMRO-DPMNE expects the majority to support the initiative on Thursday and even increase. Aleksandar Nikoloski, MP from Hristijan Mickoski’s party, said intensive talks were underway with several parliamentarians more. “I expect the initiative to be supported by more than 61,” he stated. Previously, Alternative MP Skender Rexhepi Zejd, had said his signature would not be part of the signatures if Levica’s were. Nikoloski, however, said Rexhepi Zeid’s statement shouldn’t be taken out of context.  Alliance for Albanians President Ziadin Sela believes what’s most important is for the no-confidence vote to be successful. Regarding the other disagreements, there will be discussions further. Regarding Rexhepi Zejd’s comments, Sela stated that that was not a reason to establish that the new parliamentary majority had failed. Zoran Zaev, who still hasn’t submitted his resignation as PM, said those behind the initiative were ready to harm the country and people in exchange for only being in power. Rexhepi said on Monday night that he would leave the party and most likely resign as MP if his party decided to topple the current government together with Levica.