Several Forest Fires Still Active All Over Country

Several forest fires are still active on the territory of North Macedonia, they report from the Crisis Management Centre (CMC). According to the reports of CMC, most critical is the situation with the fire near Staro Nagoricane, where according to Sitel TV, an 80-year-old woman died while trying to leave her house to escape the fire, and the one between Pehcevo, Delcevo and Berovo, close to the border with Bulgaria. “5 helicopters, of which 2 from our country and 3 from Serbia are at the moment intervening over the fire near Pehcevo. I call upon the citizens to remain calm and to protect themselves from the fires. We can rebuild houses and replant forests, but we cannot return lost human lives, so the safety of our citizens remains our top priority,” said CMC Director Stojance Angelov in an interview for Sitel TV. Later on Wednesday, CMC and other security institutions proposed the government to introduce a State of Crisis in the areas with active forest fires, with PM Zaev writing on Facebook that this will be done on Thursday morning.