Several prosecutors Confirm for Fokus new Letter from Janeva has Arrived

Several prosecutors confirm for Fokus that a new letter sent from former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva has arrived at the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO). One of Janeva’s demands was for the money from the so-called black fund to be given to her in order for her to be able to cover the costs for her defence as a suspect in the Racketeering case. Fokus says in the article that Prosecutors have been caught off guard “because, as they explain, the money has so far been used for weddings, celebrations, accidents…” A prosecutor says that Janeva used to control the funds. “We used to fill the fund ourselves upon an order from Janeva, who used to control the fund. Therefore, I have no idea how much money is left,” the prosecutor points out. Every month, prosecutors used to give 3,000 denars each, while the remaining employees each used to contribute with 1,000 denars.