Shkupi fans Raged at MNT, damaged Property

The fan group “Sverceri” marked their 30th birthday by performing inappropriate chants and damaging the property at the new MNT building. Even two days after the event, the damages are still unknown. The crime-technical department have performed inspection, while on Monday morning the police received damages report. The MNR Director, Simona Ugrinovska has not allowed reporters to record the current state of the theatre, but she did say that she was not aware of the topic at the event and pointed to DUI MP, Artan Grubi as the event’s chief organizer. For Kanal 5, MP Grubi stated that this was only a celebration, while raging was what happened on 27 April at Parliament.  PM, Zoran Zaev has attended the first part of the celebration, who after was made aware of the incident, separated himself and called for responsibility. Responsibility was called for by VMRO-DPMNE, the green party DOM, SDSM, Education and Science Minister, Arbr Ademi, and others. “This was the state celebration for the 111 years since Albanian Alphabet Day, divided in two parts, one was the cultural manifestation and the second turned out to be not so cultural,” stated PM Zaev, after saying that the ones responsible will be found and made to make reparations for the damaged property, which is the citizen’s property.