Simovski: All Preparations for Census Completed

All preparatory activities have been completed and we are completely ready to start this activity,” said the Director of the State Statistical Office, Apostol Simovski, at a joint press conference with government spokespersons Dusko Arsovski and Muamet Hoxha. Simovski informed that the trainings of the regional instructors are in progress, who in this activity will have a supervisory function, and in a few days the trainings of the persons who will directly conduct the census, i.e. the enumerators, will start. Regarding the issue of electronic census, Simovski said that there is no thought at all to change the methodology, which is approved by EUROSTAT, adopted by law and published in the “Official Gazette”. Regarding the possible refusal of some citizens to register, Simovski stressed that participation in the Census is a legal obligation of every citizen, the Government said in a statement.