Simovski: Only Data for Residential Population Valid for New Employments

Director of the State Statistical Office (SSO) Apostol Simovski opposes the results of the methodology prepared by the Ministry of Information Society and Administration (MIOA) according to which the representation of Albanians among the public administration employees should be 31.54%. “The only valid category according to which these parameters are calculated is the residential population of the country. As a country, we decided to enumerate the non-residential population too, in order to attend the issue with migration from the country and try to reduce it, but those numbers cannot certainly be used for these calculations. From MIOA they called us last week to ask us for directions about processing the data from the latest population census, and we told them this,” Simovski stated. According to the data from the population census in 2021, the Albanians consist 24.5% of the residential population of North Macedonia.