Skopje, Athens notify UN on Effectiveness of “Republic of North Macedonia”

Official Skopje and Athens sent a mutual letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres, informing him that all obligations from the Prespa Agreement for both sides are fulfilled. The governments in Skopje and Athens are also to send notes to all UN members and observers, as well as other international organisations that the Prespa Agreement is fully implemented and that from now on they should use the name “Republic of North Macedonia” in their communications with official Skopje. Later on Wednesday evening, the UN officially confirmed that the letter was delivered to their seat in New York. In meantime, the Macedonian Government and Parliament officially started using the new name by changing the naming references in sign boards on the buildings, as well as on their official websites. Besides this, new signboards stating “Welcome to the Republic of North Macedonia” were officially installed at the Bogorodica border-crossing on the Macedonian-Greek border.