Skopje is On List of Most Polluted Cities in The World


Skopje is breaking black records this winter as well. The capital is on the infamous list of the most polluted cities in the world – in fourth place with 197 micrograms per cubic meter of harmful particles, finding itself in the company of cities like Ulaanbaatar from Mongolia, Lahore from Pakistan and Delhi, India. The map of the application ‘My Air’ shows that almost all municipalities in Skopje are coloured in red and purple, which indicates that the level of PM10 particles is dangerous. In Kisela Voda, for example, as many as 370 micrograms of PM10 particles were measured Friday afternoon at 1 PM. Doctors warn that long-term exposure to polluted air can significantly increase the risk of viral diseases – including COVID-19. Children are most affected. Air pollution was an occasion for the government and the opposition to exchange accusations. Ex-mayor Silegov complained about the extremely polluted air with a picture on Facebook. The office of Mayor Arsovska, on the other hand, sent a statement saying that with Silegov Skopje has become one of the most polluted cities in the world and that now they are working on sustainable solutions to solve this problem. The European Environment Agency in one of the latest research noted that in the country 3,000 people die annually as a result of air pollution.