Skopje Mayoral Race: Arsovska and Silegov Enter Second Round

The independent candidate for Skopje supported by VMRO-DPMNE, Danela Arsovska, and SDSM’s mayoral candidate, Petre Silegov, who is trying to secure a second term, have entered the second round, which will take place on 31 October. On Monday, both thanked voters and asked for support in 13 days. Arsovska said she was positively surprised by the citizens’ initiatives that would become part of the Council. As she added, their programmes have brought freshness and energy, and will be part of her work if she wins in the second round. Arsovska hopes for support from them. Despite being supported by VMRO-DPMNE, Arsovska doesn’t plan to enter politics. When it comes to Silegov, he hopes for the coalition votes. Silegov declined to say whose votes for the other candidates he expected. Also, he urged citizens who didn’t vote on Sunday to support him on 31 October.