Skopje’s EU Road – Focal Topic During Grlic Radman’s Visit to Skopje

There will be a start of negotiations in June if Bulgaria has a strategic approach and political will, according to Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani. As he added on Wednesday, if that doesn’t happen, the best policy of the EU, enlargement, will be buried. Osmani’s stand is that North Macedonia has done everything for Sofia go give a green light. However, in his view, the obstacle is the latest political developments in Bulgaria. “Sure enough, time is short, it’s a matter of days. It’s in the hands of Bulgaria, a country which brought back in 2018 the Western Balkans agenda through the summit in Sofia and then Zagreb sealed that agenda during its Presidency. Will it be buried again in Sofia? Unfortunately, I will use such a word, that perspective of the Western Balkans.,” Osmani stressed. To Croatia, a start of negotiations is important not only for North Macedonia, but also for the EU and security in Europe, according to the country’s Foreign Minister, Gordan Grlic Radman, who met Osmani in Skopje on Wednesday. North Macedonia, the Croatian Foreign Minister, added has done everything, including the name change, while its citizens have shown their orientation is pro-European. “We think the opening of the accession negotiations will be an encouragement,” Grlic Radman said.