Slovak MFA in Macedonia: EU Is Not Complete Without You

The Government of Slovakia clearly and unequivocally emphasizes the country’s support for EU accession, and this support is especially important to us in these complex moments when the EU has failed to reach a consensus on our progress. Then the loud support of our friends is a sign of optimism, not only among politicians but also the administration and all progressive forces in the country,” Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani told at a news conference after meeting with Slovakia’s Foreign and European Affairs Minister Ivan Korcok who visiting the country. “The support from Slovakia is clear, unambiguous and principled. Macedonia deserves the start of negotiations, for which a decision was made by consensus in March last year. I can agree that we should not introduce misunderstandings in the EU, but at the same time the impression that is created in our country and in other countries in the region is objective that the integration process becomes unpredictable, unclear or more precisely a kind of moving target that rewards us not according to performance but according to the current political circumstances,” said, among other things, Osmani.