Slovenian FM Says Process in Parliament is Legitimate

Slovenian Foreign Minister Miro Cerar at Wednesday’s joint press conference with FM Nikola Dimitrov said that he is aware that the consultative referendum did not meet the fundamental legal requirements to be valid, however Slovenia considers that the result brought convincing message to continue the political processes for EU integration, i.e. for joining NATO.  We consider that the process happening in the parliament is legitimate and expresses the will of the citizens. He expressed his satisfaction that the parliament secured a majority in order to continue the procedure for changing the Constitution, i.e. achieving the bases that will enable Macedonia to join NATO and EU as soon as possible. “It is a historical moment for Macedonia. Decisions that will be adopted in the coming months will be of historical importance not only for Macedonia and its future generations, but also for the region,” said Cerar, voicing Slovenia’s strong support to these processes.