Slovenian President Musar Visits Parliament in Skopje

Slovenian President Natasa Pirc Musar, who paid an official visit to North Macedonia, had a
meeting with PS Talat Xhaferi. At the meeting, Xhaferi and Musar confirmed the good
bilateral relations between the two countries, with Xhaferi thanking Musar for all the support
Slovenia provides to North Macedonia in the Euro-Atlantic integration processes. Musar said
that North Macedonia belongs in the EU and that it is very important for the country to
embark on the given momentum of the enlargement processes of the EU. Later on Tuesday,
Musar also had a meeting with PM Dimitar Kovacevski. “I thank Slovenian President Natasa
Pirc Musar for her encouraging rhetoric and strong messages when it comes to the European
future of our country. Now is the time for all of us to demonstrate a strong unity, and that we
belong in the EU,” Kovacevski wrote on Facebook after the meeting with Musar.