Smaller Parties Demand Changes to Electoral Code for Single Electoral District

Democratic Union, DOM, LDP, VMRO-People’s Party and the Democratic Party of Turks demand that the Parliament starts a session to discuss changes to the Electoral Code that would make the territory of North Macedonia a single electoral district, and not divide it into 6 ones as till now. Democratic Union President Pavle Trajanov voiced dissatisfaction that the initiative for these changes is not included in the governmental programme of PM-designate Dimitar Kovacevski, even though there were discussions that they will be included. “The smaller parties no longer want to play the role of sidekicks to the greater parties. The monopoly manipulated by the greater parties must be deinstalled, and smaller parties must be given the chance they deserve. If by 15 April these changes are not added to the Electoral Code, the MPs of our parties will abandon the ruling alliance, and that would trigger organisation of new parliamentary election,” Trajanov said.