Spasovski: 54 Police Officers Injured During Protests in Skopje So Far

Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski said in an interview for TV21 that a total number of 54 police officers have been injured since the start of the protests against the French proposal. “The total number of injured police officers is 54, of which 47 were all injured in one same day. Violence over the police is violence over the state, which is why I call upon all citizens to refrain from violence and demonstrate their revolt and disagreement through peaceful protests. Recently we managed to identify the man who threw a Molotov cocktail at the police officers at one of the protests, and we are processing that case at the moment. It doesn’t matter the party affiliation of the man in question. We as Interior Ministry must protect the order and peace in the country, and we shall act against anyone who resorts to violence over police officers. All who act against the laws shall face justice and punishment,” Spasovksi said.