Spasovski: Infectious Diseases Committee to Review Opening Borders Question

The Government gave directions to the Infections Diseases Committee on reviewing the question around opening the borders in cooperation with MoFA. This was stated by Technical PM Oliver Spasovski after the end of the coordinative meeting of MP candidates for Election Unit 2 from the SDSM coalition in Kumanovo. “The Government gave directions, together with MoFA, the Infections Diseases Committee to coordinate with the neighbouring and the countries in the region, on basis of which we will make our decision. I expect that we will adopt that decision very soon and there will be free flow at the borders,” stated Spasovski before adding that life has to return to normal and that the citizens have to learn to live with the virus, which is the current opinion by WHO. At the same time, Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi reported that a week before, he had sent a letter to the Committee regarding the decisions in the protocols on hospitality businesses, more specifically regarding article 8 and 9 that state that visitors need to provide identification.