Spasovski Receives US Ambassador Byrnes

The President of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia received on Thursday the Ambassador of the United States of America to the country, Kate Marie Byrnes. Ambassador Byrnes conveyed her country’s congratulations on Brussels’ positive decision to start EU membership negotiations on the full-fledged NATO membership. The EU decision and the final acts for full membership in NATO, Ambassador Byrnes said at the meeting, come at a very difficult time for all, but it demonstrates the country’s commitment to persist in achieving its Euro-Atlantic aspirations, and reaffirms the sincere and strong support that the Republic of Macedonia has received by the United States and the EU. At the meeting, Prime Minister Spasovski thanked the Ambassador for the warm wishes and expressed his gratitude, as well as the Government’s and that of the citizens of the country for all the support the United States have provided in both processes.