Spasovski: Services Are Organized, Every Citizen Will Receive IDs

This year, it is understandable that since the measures have been relaxed, many citizens from other countries are returning and renewing documents. Almost every year during this period we always have an increased interest in issuing personal documents, said the Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski in the morning program on MTV. “This year it is characteristic that the measures have eased, many citizens from other countries return and renew the documents. At the same time, we had system migration, which lasted 4 days, but generally we have a serious increase in the number of requests for issuance of personal documents, as can be seen by looking at the figures in June when there were 42 thousand passports issued. This is double increase in the summer period compared to other years. We have two-shift work, we work on weekends, we have 3,000 calls per day and about 1,000 requests via the Internet,” says Spasovski.