Spasovski: We’ll File Charges Against Group of Citizens over False Bomb Threats

Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski informed in an interview for Radio Free Europe that a group of citizens are about to be filed criminal charges over sending false threats for planted bombs to several schools in Skopje. “We already filed criminal charges against one citizen under the age of 18 for whom we reveal that he sent one of these messages to one school by using a VPN address, and at the moment we are in a position in which we may discover an entire group of people responsible for many of the false bomb threats, against which we intend to file criminal charges for terrorism. We conduct investigations in cooperation with several institutions of the state, in order to get to the bottom of the entire case with the false bomb threats, a process which may take us more time due to the fact that the progress so far is realise with assistance from foreign experts,” Spasovski said.