SPO Prosecutors distance Themselves from Katica Janeva

The team of the Special Public Prosecution (SPO) held a press conference on Tuesday, following the resignation of the Head of SPO Katica Janeva, as well as the reports in several media of her possible involvement in the “Racket” case in which 1TV owner Bojan Jovanovski and businessman Zoran Mileski ended up in detention for racketeering activities that brought them 1.5 million euros. “We still do not have any information that the head of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office Katica Janeva is involved in the investigation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office into the “Racket” case and that all cases should be cleared, which is in our interest. I want to assure you that our primary interest is preserving integrity and that we, as employees, have always acted in accordance with the legal regulations and we have been trying to up to the task. We stand behind the work that we have done up to now, I assure you that all procedures have not been brought into question because our actions in them were within the legal regulations,” said SPO Prosecutor Lence Ristoska, adding that SPO joins the call of the Basic Public Prosecution to all citizens to report any kind of criminal activity to the authorities. Several media reported that Jovanovski and Mileski demanded money from a witness who is being prosecuted in the “Empire” case, thus eliciting that Janeva may be the public prosecutor in question in the “Racket” case.