Strike in Education Continues, Education Minister Calls for Its Halt

Hands holding protest signs. Workers going on Strike

President of the Education Trade Union Jakim Nedelkov said at a press conference that the education employees will continue with the strike on Friday. “I must point out once again that many of our members in kindergartens other cities and towns across the country who are on strike are still facing serious pressures by their superiors to end the strike and return to work. Some were even threatened with cuts in their salaries for all days spent on strike. We remind once again, we shall file criminal charges against all who violate the right of our colleagues to stage protests for expression of disagreements,” Nedelkov said. In meantime, Education Minister Jeton Shaqiri offered the Education Trade Union the option to conduct negotiations over the increase of salaries parallel with a normal and uninterrupted educational process. “We can reach agreement for increase of the salaries, but let us not interrupt the educational processes for our children any more, for they have already suffered serios consequences amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and they do not need further interruptions. Let us work for the best interest of the students,” Shaqiri said.