Strong US Support for Rapid Integration into EU

The United States is working with European partners for North Macedonia to begin membership negotiations as soon as possible. US Deputy Secretary of State Gabriel Escobar said after the meeting with North Macedonia’s Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani. According to him, official Washington will continue to support the efforts to show, as he said, flexibility in the process of European integration, but also to continue with the reform agenda. For Escobar, the two countries have long been more than partners, but friends and allies. “I want to express the strong support of our administration for the rapid European integration of North Macedonia. And we are working with our European partners to make sure that happens as soon as possible. I think we all agree that North Macedonia is part of Europe, culturally, historically and more and more economically it is part of Europe and you should have a seat at the EU table. In this regard, we will continue to support your efforts to show flexibility in the process of European integration, as well as the continuation of the reform process to make it a reality,” said Escobar.