Supreme Court disputes some Bills of Indictment of SPO

The Supreme Court of Macedonia adopted at its latest session a legal opinion that the Special Public Prosecution (SPO) cannot file bills of indictment or halt an investigative procedure later than 18 months after they officially took over the recordings of the wire-tapped phone conversations by the then opposition party SDSM. “According to the Article 2 of the Law on SPO, the institution cannot file bills of indictments after the term of 18 months since the takeover of the recordings passed, and after that deadline, the institution is no longer an authorised plaintiff for processing of public prosecution affairs,” writes the announcement of the Supreme Court. This decision was reached after lawyers Boro Tasevski and Elenko Milanov disputed the new bills of indictment filed by SPO related to several new cases, like “Thaler”, “Empire” and others.