Taravari: Many Problems to Be Created if Constitutional Changes are not Made

According to Alliance for Albanians leader Arben Taravari, if the constitutional changes are not made, many problems will be created that will perhaps raise new issues parties haven’t stated.

His party will build a new strategy if the French proposal is not accepted in Parliament. Asked about the issue of contacts with VMRO-DPMNE and whether there are talks, Taravari said that that was so, adding that there were VMRO-DPMNE members who thought differently than the party’s leadership.

“However, I would say again it is a decision of the party. I wouldn’t want to engage in speculations about whether some MPs would vote differently. However, there is definitely thinking contrary to what they’re saying at press-conferences and publicly,” Taravari noted, adding that he hoped VMRO- DPMNE would gather strength for the changes to be adopted.

When it comes to VMRO- DPMNE and SDSM, their respective stands on the constitutional changes matter have remained the same.