Telma: Alternative Receives ‘Take-it-or-leave-it’ Offer from Kovacevski

PM Dimitar Kovacevski’s offer at Wednesday’s meeting with Afrim Gashi has been described by Alternative as a “take-it-or-leave-it” one, Telma TV reported. The party was left only with the Information Society and Administration Ministry. Hence, it is very close to leaving the ruling coalition. Alternative believes that the goal is to get rid of it from the Government in order for there to be an excuse about why Alliance for Albanians will get more positions. With this step, sources have told Telma TV, Kovacevski is killing the country’s European agenda. However, it will wait for the outcome of the negotiations with the potential new partner. “We are ready for all challenges. This is an expected scenario for all us. The party’s organs will adopt a final stand once the new coalition is officialised. We will not leave even minimum room that Alternative contributed in any manner to the process that follow inevitably,” the party explains.