Tetovo Government Sitting

The Deputy PM of European Affairs, Bujar Osmani considers that there is still strong solidarity in EU around granting accession date for Macedonia, even though the member-states have many internal problems. “After October, I have taken all statement from Brussels with reserve. Still, a movement can be felt as result of the solidarity around the world in connection to the historic mistake EU made with North Macedonia and Albania. I think that the massive solidarity can’t be ignored indefinitely We are working for each Summit, both the December and the March one, but we still consider that we need to have reserves about EU’s standings where they obviously have many internal problems,” stated Osmani from Tetovo, before adding that he expects a clearer stance in relation of France’s expectations from the country and the enlargement. While in Tetovo, awaiting the second Government sitting aimed at the region, Deputy PM Osmani stated that the construction of the Skopje-Tetovo-Gostivar gas line is underway, while reconstruction of the Tetovo-Gostivar motorway is being prepared. “With the Tetovo Mayor and the ministers’ cooperation, we brought a decision to work on this motorway costing 37 million denars and paving 4 kilometres. This Spring we are starting an even larger offensive to improve the traffic communication for all citizens,” stated Bekim Memeti, PE Makedonijapat Director. PM Zoran Zaev stated that he wants to follow the successful examples with models such as Popova Sapka, where there is large tourist potential, and he believes modern ski centre would contribute to the GDP with new employments. PM Zaev also stated that he would wish for Switzerland, France and Germany to invest there. Tetovo Mayor, Teuta Arifi stated that such cooperation with the Government means greater success for the municipalities and equal investment into all regions. PM Zoran Zaev also expressed the importance the government places on the citizen’s health, and that is why when environment issues are concerned, they are carefully decided on. He stated that the small hydroelectric stations’ construction will be halted if it influences the ecology and the health of the citizens. About the Alliance for Albanians, Besa and VMRO-DPMNE protest in front of the Tetovo municipal building, Zaev stated that they have the right to protest, before listing the government’s projects against pollution among which are the invertor subsidies and the gasification process.