Thaler 2 Case Process Continues

Explaining that VMRO-DPMNE wasn’t a side in the Thaler 2 case, which concerns the construction of the party’s HQ in the centre of Skopje, VMRO-DPMNE’s lawyers, Donco Nakov and Ruzica Nikolovska, have refused to present closing arguments. On Tuesday, they said a representative of the party should have been examined before the closing arguments stage, adding that the Prosecutor’s Office’s stand that the building should be taken away was not legal. “A right to examination hasn’t been given to me, while I have no right to closing arguments according to the law. That’s the stand f VMRO-DPMNE, with unlawful carrying out of this procedure, especially with the part of freezing and potential taking away, that is, confiscation, there is an attempt, I hope the court will not allow that, to, through the defendants, take away VMRO-DPMNE’s property unlawfully and by not giving the rights according to the law,” Nakov noted. The lawyers of both ex-PM Gruevski and former Government Secretary General Kiril Bozinovski sought acquittal.