PM Zaev on Macedonian-Bulgarian Commission on History Issues

The Bulgarian President Rumen Radev demanded official Sofia to outline the red lines which cannot be crossed concerning the Bulgarian support for integration of Macedonia in the EU. “We need to be extremely careful, and both sides should stick to the Good-neighbourliness Agreement. We still have fresh wounds from the history and need more time to heal them. Macedonia and Bulgaria are indeed improving their bilateral relations, but our support cannot be provided without any conditions,” Radev said. Macedonian PM Zoran Zaev interprets Radev’s statement as a signal for motivation for both countries to work on overcoming and resolving bilateral disputes and misunderstandings. “Bulgaria is one of our strategic partners, and among our greatest friends. I believe the recent statements of Bulgarian politicians have a motivational purpose, so that the Macedonian-Bulgarian Commission on History Issues manages to resolve all open issues,” Zaev said at a press conference in the Macedonian government.