There Will Be No Reshuffle, But New Government and New Prime Minister

After the consolidation and strengthening of the parliamentary majority, which is expected to happen soon, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev will activate the resignations he announced – both the position of Prime Minister and the leadership of SDSM. Then will follow the election of a new leader of SDSM, and they will be the prime minister-designate for the composition of the new government, states sources that reached Kanal 5, Sloboden Pecat and other media in the country. In that case, with the resignation of Prime Minister Zaev, the entire Government will resign. The new prime minister-designate will propose to President Stevo Pendarovski a program and a new composition of the Government. It is assumed that some of the current ministers will retain their positions in the new government, and it is certain that the DUI ministers will not be replaced. That Zaev will succeed in strengthening the majority of MPs, indicate the positive signals from Alternative.