Thimonier: We Monitor Situation in North Macedonia Closely

The French Ambassador to Macedonia Christian Thimonier says that France looks at the processes for European integration of the West Balkan countries through a regional perspective, underlining there are visible differences between countries in that context. “It is important to compare and contrast the opinions of all member states on this issue and to take a step forward. The one general problem in this region still remains the rule of law. We are closely monitoring the situation in North Macedonia, the developments especially the adoption of the Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office. Another week remains. Of course, if there is agreement it would be a positive element,” Thimonier said answering a journalist’s question about the official position of Paris about the start of EU membership negotiations with Macedonia and Albania. On the other hand, the president of the Institute “Societas Civilis” Marko Trosanovski claims that the perception of Paris over this issue is slowly beginning to change. Trosanovski was part of the delegation of Societas Civilis, the Institute for European Policies and Eurothink which paid visit to Paris and met representatives of several French state institutions and think-tank organisations. “What France wants to be certain of is that there will be no further problems once the country starts closing the chapters from the process for integration of North Macedonia in EU. France supports the West Balkan countries in their European aspirations, but at the same time demands more secure methodology for enlargement of the EU with fundamental and effective reforms,” Trosanovski said, adding that he is certain that Macedonia will be given a date for start of the membership talks by EU next week.