Trade Union Federation Proposes Annulment of Increase of Officials’ Salaries

On Monday, the Trade Union Federation proposed for MPs to make urgent changes to laws annulling the increase of officials’ salaries by 78%. As it warned, the increase is undeserved.

“When we, too, will see a potential increase and a new calculation, sure enough, they too should get an increase,” Trpe Deanoski, head of the Trade Union of Workers in the Administration, Judicial Bodies and Associations of Citizens, said.

SDSM’s Parliamentary Group still hasn’t considered the initiative. However, the party’s stand is that it pledges for a continued increase of salaries and pensions. “In September, according to the collective agreement, there will be a salary increase of 10%. We will not stop here. As long as SDSM is in power, salaries will grow,” SDSM MP Martin Kostovski said.

On the other hand, VMRO-DPMNE said the government’s policies had brought citizens to the brink of poverty.