Trial over 2013 Violence in Centar Continues

On Thursday, the Criminal Court refused to hear the testimony of witnesses offered by defendants in the case concerning the 2013 Violence in the Municipality of Centar. It believes they didn’t concern circumstances that have arisen from the trial. The defence, however, considers that it is exactly them who knew the key information about the case. It offered the testimony of former Aerodrom Mayor Ivica Konevski, former Government Sec Gen Kiril Bozinovski, and Martin Protugjer. The conversation from the wire-tapped materials realised by the Mayor of Centar in 2015, which wasn’t part of the case, was being requested as an additional piece of evidence as well. Bishop Agatangel, too, was requested as a witness. It was said he had organised the protests. However, he didn’t specify whether he had been the organiser. The final stage of the process will be next week. Among the defendants in the case are former PM Nikola Gruevski, several protesters, and ex-minister Mile Janakieski.