Trial over Denis Tot Murder Continues

The trial over the murder of Denis Tot continued on Monday. The Croatian handball player suffered a lot of injuries, it was said. Doctors from the Forensic Medicine Institute testified. The Institute’s Director, Aleksandar Stankov, concluded that the neck injuries, where the medulla spinalis begins, had been fatal for Tot. If that injury had not occurred, he might have survived, but due to it, the outcome was expected because surgeries are not performed for injuries of that type, he explained. On the other hand, the defence claims that though it is clear that there were injuries and Tot fell down, it will be proving during the procedure that the injuries inflicted by Klementina Lefkovska didn’t lead to the handball players’ death. Andzelo Gjorgievski and Andrej Kostovski are the other defendants in the case. Accoridng to the charge, on 7 April, before a night club in Skopje, they beat up Tot together, which resulted in him dying.