Tsipras: Prespa Agreement Prevented Expansion of Turkey in Region

“If the Prespa Agreement didn’t exist, we would have now had at our northern border the situation we have southwest of us, we would have had Libya at our northern border. There, we would have had constant presence of Turkey,” SYRIZA leader and former Greek PM Alexis Tsipras says in an interview with Greek regional TV station Star. According to him, as time goes by, even those that were critical of the deal signed in 2018 realise the benefits for Greece. As Tsipras adds, it’s not just that a solution providing peace and stability in the region was brought, that a solution was brought creating an ally at the northern border, but also that “we prevented the expansion of Turkey in the region.” He believes that to be very important. In the SYRIZA leader’s view, an honest solution was reached to the critical issues related to the cultural heritage.