Tupanceski: Comments on Target-Fortress and Bar Exam Matters

“It can be seen from a helicopter that something is not right,” Justice Minister Nikola Tupanceski says regarding the developments in relation to the Target-Fortress case. As he adds, the case was at the Court of Appeals for as many as 9-10 months. However, Tupanceski stresses that the judges’ responsibility should be assessed by the Judicial Council. Regarding the bar exam, Tupanceski notes that his Ministry will initiate a new act for the electronic version of the documents for taking the exam to be kept for at least 10 years instead of one year, as has been the case so far. Regarding the degree scandal and whether someone can take the bar exam without a proper degree, the Deputy Minister of Justice, Agim Nuhiu, says that if responsibility should be sought, the finger should be pointed at the Commission, not the candidate.