Two Candidacies for President of SDSM Submitted

Two days before the deadline for submission, two candidacies arrived at the Bihac headquarters – the one already announced by Deputy Minister of Finance Dimitar Kovacevski and the second, less expected of the former vice president of the party Frosina Remenski. “One of my basic commitments is to restore unity in the party and to restore unity in society so that we can have stronger democratic parties and have a stronger society,” said Kovacevski. Two hours earlier, Remenski, who has not been part of the party leadership for two years after she was removed from the list of vice presidents, after the so-called cleaning by Zaev. Shortly afterwards, she was a suspect and then indicted in the International Union case, for which a trial is still pending. On the same day as SDSM, on 12 December, VMRO-DPMNE will elect a party leader at the regular Congress. More than 500 delegates have the right to vote, and a majority of the total number should vote for the election of the future leader. Current president Mickoski will seek a second term, and whether there will be opponents is still unknown. The deadline for submitting candidacies for president of VMRO-DPMNE is until the Congress itself, and the candidates should have updated party membership and show the support of 30 delegates.