US Ambassador: Readiness for Rule of Law More important than Party Interests

According to US Ambassador Kate Marie Byrnes, the readiness for the rule of law and fighting corruption through adoption of the Public Prosecutor’s Office Draft Law is more important than party interests. As she added on Tuesday, those responsible for abusing public trust should be held accountable for their actions. The country should continue to demonstrate its commitment to reforms esp in key areas. We hope that the new Law on Public Prosecution is adopted before dissolution of Sobranie,” EU Ambassador Samuel Zbogar tweeted the same day. As he added, the Draft Law on the table is a good basis for taking a consensual decision. “We recognise the indispensable role that the opposition has played in adopting several reform laws in the last two years. We expect to see the same demonstration of commitment to European future with regard to the Law on Public Prosecution,” the Ambassador said in another tweet. Both tweets included a link to his speech at Tuesday’s roundtable, in which he said, among other things: “Integration of the Western Balkan continues to be an important strategic objective of the EU. Continued visits of senior EU officials prove that the region remains a key geo-political priority for the EU institutions and Member States.”