US Assistant Secretary for Europe, Eurasia Reeker pays Visit to Macedonia

The US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia Philip Reeker paid on Friday an official visit to Macedonia. Reeker was hosted by the PM Zoran Zaev in the Macedonian Government, and after their meeting they held a joint press conference. “Through the Prespa Agreement, North Macedonia showed an example of courageous solutions to the problems and the ability to move towards a positive and bright future. The United States express admiration for what you and your country have achieved. The country should continue in that spirit, while the opposition to engage in the processes. The country should support the rule of law and to show that no one is above the law. At today’s meeting with Prime Minister Zaev we underlined the importance of approval of the law on public prosecution. We have a good basis in the proposal and I am looking forward to its approving. I hope this process will end quickly together with the opposition. I hope that the opposition, not only here but also in other countries, will be vital for their future. This is a great moment for everyone to join together and complete the process,” Reeker said. PM Zaev thanked Reeker for all the support the US provides to Macedonia for its integration in NATO as well as its social and economic development. “The government is fully committed to the EU’s reform agenda, delivering a concrete result in four areas as requested by the EU Council conclusions in 2018 in cooperation with the opposition. We are ready to adopt the Law on Public Prosecution together with the opposition,” Zaev said.