US Donates 1.1 Million Dollars to Macedonia for Dealing with COVID-19

The United States will provide funds of 1.1 million dollars for Macedonia as aid against the COVID-19 pandemic through the US Agency for International Development (USAID). This was confirmed by the US Ambassador to Macedonia Kate Marie Byrnes. “During this time of uncertainty and anxiety, working together is more important than ever. I am confident that the support provided in this assistance package will make a substantial contribution in North Macedonia’s fight against COVID-19,” US Ambassador Byrnes said. The funds donated by the US will be used for strengthening of capacities of laboratories, monitoring and fast response to new COVID-19 cases and supervision of patients, trainings for improvement of the approach of medical teams towards the epidemic, as well as media campaigns for raising the awareness of the citizens about the risks of contracting COVID-19. The US invested 11.5 million dollars in the Macedonian healthcare system in the past 20 years.