US Embassy: Inflammatory rhetoric by Political leaders Stokes fear and Division

“Inflammatory rhetoric by political leaders stokes fear and division, particularly when it incorrectly uses past events, such as the Nuremberg trials, for political ends. Such language is dangerous and does not contribute to a productive dialogue about the country’s direction. It is critical that leaders here engage in more civil dialogue that can advance North Macedonia’s stability and prosperity,” the US Embassy to Skopje said on on Thursday. The reaction, as many media reported, is a response to VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski’s comments the previous day about the detention measure for Mitko Cavkov and stand on the developments related to the trial over the 27 April case. “I have information that Mitko Cavkov has been given a sentence exceeding 14 years. I expect the total verdict that will be announced will be over 100 years for all people and it will be practically a Nuremberg process, vengefulness and nothing else,” Mickoski had stressed on Wednesday. The verdict in the trial will be announced on Friday.