Varhelyi: Skopje Must Resolve Disputes with Sofia Sooner

Commissioner for Enlargement at the European Commission (EC) Oliver Varhelyi said at the Economic Forum in Tirana that Macedonia has to resolve the bilateral disputes with Bulgaria in order to start the EU membership negotiations. “North Macedonia has maintained a steady pace in the implementation of EU reforms, in particular in the area of the fundamentals. It is important that mutually acceptable solutions are found to pending bilateral issues between North Macedonia and Bulgaria swiftly,” Varhelyi said. PM Zoran Zaev, who also attended the Tirana Forum, said that EU must fulfil its promises to the Western Balkans. “North Macedonia is still in the waiting room before EU’s door. Because of this, 4 years ago we opened and successfully resolved all issues we had with our neighbours, no matter how complex and sensitive they were, all in the spirit of good-neighbourliness. I must point it out once more that our government has no intention whatsoever to negotiate about things that are not supposed to be subject of negotiations, and that is our ethnic identity and language,” Zaev underlined.