Velkovski dismissed as Public Security Bureau Head at Government’s session

Within the frameworks of the session it held on Tuesday, the government dismissed Lazo Velkovski as Public Security Bureau Director, upon a proposal from Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski. It remains unknown who will succeed him. Until the successor is appointed, the Bureau will be headed by Deputy Director Besir Deari. Spasovski had filed the dismissal proposal because of the use of the official vehicle, a Range Rover, for a private travel by his daughter to Greece. Within the frameworks of the session, the government also made a decision on the campaign of public interest for the referendum on the question “Are you in favour of NATO and EU membership by accepting the agreement between the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Greece?”. The campaign will see the government work in a transparent and accountable manner, in accordance with these standards of public communications in the interest of the public: relevance, proportionality and rationality, objective and informative communicating and non-party communications.

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