Vevcani: Police Intervene over Non-Compliance with Anti-Coronavirus Measures

Police officers intervened on Wednesday in Vevcani due to non-compliance with anti-coronavirus protocols, that is, the ban on groups of more than four persons. The Carnival was held without official organisation, that is, 100 persons wearing masks were part of a parade on their own, despite the ban on grouping. As the Ohrid Internal Affairs Sector said, despite the previously reached deal at three held meetings with the persons involved in the holding of the event for there to be compliance with the measures and for there to be no grouping, a bigger group of citizens gathered, ignoring the measures, which is why police had to intervene. Police urged all citizens to contribute together to the prevention of the spread of the virus of both the residents of Vevcani and all other citizens. Once the case is documented, proper charges will be filed.