VMRO-DPMNE and Levica File Charges Against Xhaferi and Two MPs

The MPs in the ruling majority suffering from COVID-19 who came to Parliament on Sunday and Speaker Talat Xhaferi violated the Criminal Code and the Law on Health Care, claim VMRO-DPMNE and Levica in the criminal charges they filed Tuesday with the Public Prosecutor’s Office against MP Bisera Kostadinovska Stojcevska from SDSM and Mirsolav Bogdanovski from DOM, as well as against PS Xhaferi. “On Sunday, the Law on Protection of the Population from Infectious Diseases was violated, which had amendments that this parliamentary composition adopted in October 2020. Exactly because of these well-founded suspicions, today we are filing this criminal charge, which we hope will be processed immediately,” said VMRO-DPMNE MP Eli Panova. SDSM says that the presence of the MPs who were positive was in accordance with the protocol, and the MPs from the opposition should be held criminally responsible because they obstruct the work of Parliament.