VMRO-DPMNE Continues to Call for Dismissal of Smailovic and Bojarovski

“Instead of writing empty pamphlets on social media, Zoran Zaev should immediately dismiss Mersiha Smailovic from her position in SDSM and Zoran Bojarovski as Adviser to the PM,” VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee member Dafina Stojanoska said on Wednesday. She added that the anti-Semitism and hate speech of officials from SDSM “mustn’t go unpunished”.  Stojanoska stated that the empty condemnation without concrete actions represented support for the attack on religious and national grounds against Minister of Labour and Social Policy Rashela Mizrahi by officials from the party led by Zaev. According to her, Zaev isn’t dismissing Smailovic and Bojarovski even though condemnations of SDSM’s “anti-Semitism” have come from multiple places in the world. Previously, the SDSM leader had said on social media that all officials, members, and supporters of all parties should be responsible in public communication, avoid or refute speech that contained or could incite insults and defamations, and always initiate substantial debates on important issues. According to him, SDSM is against any form of hate speech, racism, and xenophobia. “We have always strictly condemned it and we will continue to do so, regardless of where such speech comes from. That surely concerns the speech that is in any way anti-Semitic or can be interpreted that way,” Zaev had added.