VMRO-DPMNE Leader Mickoski on Referendum-Related Developments

VMRO-DPMNE will not support a change of the Constitution, regardless of the referendum result, party leader Hristijan Mickoski said on Monday. He believes the referendum process will be successful. However, as the opposition leader stressed, regardless of the result, even if it fails, the party will not support a constitutional change under the current circumstances. Mickoski also answered a question about the procedure to submit the initiative to Parliament, “They can find as many excuses as they want and delay the matter. We care about the essence, not about the formality. And if that is an obstacle, we will correct that obstacle and submit that like they believe it should be submitted only so that we have a successful procedure, so that we democratically allow citizens to voice a stand on the policies of the Government in relation to the Treaty with Bulgaria,” the VMRO-DPMNE President stressed.